Length x Width x Height 67mm x 39mm x 17mm
Professional settings of video and photo FOXEER camera allows you customize settings, such as ISO limit , white balance, color, sharpness, exposure compensation, exposure lock, contrast, saturation, powerful functions.
White Balance Suggested light environment Auto(Default) Auto adjustment according to environment Day Light standard light(daytime) Cloudy Day Cold light source (cloudy) Osram Lamp Warm light(incandescent lamp or sunrise/sunset) Fluorescent Cold light(cold fluorescent lamp, ordinary daylight)
Color Setup Effect Soft Color is slightly dull Standard(Default) Excellent color Vivid Color is gorgeous, vivid
Sharpness Effect Soft Color is soft Standard(Default) Sharp Strong Sharper Color
EC EV parameter EV COMP -2.0/-1.6/-1.3/-1.0/-0.6/-0.3/0.0/+0.3/
AE LOCK Lock auto exposure
Contrast Setup Effect Soft Image is soft Standard(Default) clear image, vivid color Strong Clearer image, more vivid
Saturation Effect Soft Soft image Standard(Default) saturated and vivid color Strong moresaturated and vivid color
Photo Resolution :
12MP        4032×3024
10MP        3648×2736
8MP          3264×2448
5MP          2592×1944
3MP          2048×1536
Photo Mode :

Normal — Press the shutter button once to take a picture.

Auto — Press the shutter to set the time interval (3s / 5s / 10s / 30s / 60s), press shutter button again to stop

Continuous — Keep pressing shutter, photograph at 3s/5s/10s/30s/60s speed,stop after loose shutter

Fast — Press shutter, photograph 1s or 2s at given speed(3p/s, 6p/2s)

(Only after APP setup and shut down WIFI, can achieve this func
Audio :

Built in mono microphone, 32kHz sampling rate, AAC compression

Video Resolution :
Video Resolution fps Resolution UHD 24 2880×2160 16:9 QHD 30 2560×1440 16:9 2K 30 2304×1296 16:9 1080P 60, 30 1920×1080 16:9 720P 120, 60, 30 1280×720 16:9 VGA 240 640×480 4:3
Video Mode :


Time Lapse - time interval is 0.5、1、2、5、10、30、60s,video time can be set to 6、8、10、20 、30、60、120s or unlimited

Loop Record :

Record continuous loop video recording self-coverage, video loop length can be set to 3min / 5min / 10min, stop recording when you press the shutter and save.

Video Format :

H.264 codec、.mp4

Rechargeable lithium battery, safer and more efficient
700 Ma, 3.7 volts, 2.59Wh Watt
Storage Card
Support 64GB microSD card at most
Class 10 or UHS-1 above
Built in mono microphone
32kHz sampling rate, AAC compression
FOV155°, F2.8, 7G optical glass lens
12 megapixel Sony Exmor R BSI CMOS back-illuminated image sensor
Time Lapse
The beautifu scenery of Guilin China
Full Review, WiFi app and Flight Footage
Nightime Car Park Quad racing
Low light test
Legend 2 Manual
Q: Where to download APP

A: Access APP Store, search "foxeer", Android user visit Google Play

Q: How to upgrade firmware?

A: The XA-01 20161024 version will drop frame at low light condition to improve the image brightness.
This XA-01 20161027 verison will keep the framerate smooth.
1.Amended the issue of FOV can't be stored.
2.Updated the function of Lost Alarm. Lost Alarm function definition: first time give an alarm last for 15s after the image stopped of 2mins,then give an alarm once every 2 mins.
3.Updated the funtion of Video Timer Alarm.Video Timer Alarm definition: give an alarm at presupposed time after start to reord until press any button.5mins,10mins 15 mins can be setted.
4.Updated Auto off issue.Auto off: Auto off after no operation last for 5mins when standby.
5.Updated the issue of Delay Off. Delay Off:End and Auto off after unplugged for 30s.

Update Method:Put firmware file LEGEND2.bin into root directory of MicroSD card, power on,camera will update automatically.All LED indicater will flicker for about 30s when updating,will stop flickering when update ends.
Please delete the firmware file after finish updating to aviod repeat update.

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