F3 Flight Control

Better and More Stable Flight Control

FOXEER SP Racing F3 flight controller adopts new generation high performance processor STM32 F3, operation speed is increased by 2 times. Advanced sensor technology brings superior flight stability. Fully functional to meet all the needs of drone
FOXEER SP Racing F3 Flight Control
Adopts new generation high performance processor STM32 F3, and ARM Cortex-M4 core, built-in floating-point unit, operation speed is increasd by 2 times. Mature sensor operation method brings unparalleled I/O capabilities. Support OneShot ESC and more than 8 remote channels. Full functions, support RGB LED lights, auto-tuning, the black box flight data recording. It integrate all on a 35x35mm PCB, only 6g.
New Generation CPU
FOXEER SP Racing F3 flight control adopt new generation processor STM32 F3, ARM Cortex-M4 core, Built-in floating-point unit, achieve efficient flight calculations in a shorter time, calculation speed is 2 times faster than the previous generation processor STM32F1.
Ioslated I/O
The new I/O design, all the features can be used at the same time, no affect on each other. You can connect OSD + SmartPort + SBus + GPS + LED lights + battery monitor + sonar + 8CH motor simultaneously.
Cross-platform Configuration
FOXEER SP Racing F3 use a cross-platform GUI(Cleanflight) to configure(Windows OSX and Linux is supported)
Flight Recording
Large capacity onboard flight logger (black box) can record a wealth of flight data, you can optimize parameters, farewell to the era of guesswork.
Friendly Developer Interface
Friendly developers debug port (SWD) and Boot Mode selection, and deadlock fee bootloader.
Full Support OneShot ESC
Full support OneShot ESC, full support PID parameters
Support Multi Receivers
Support SBUS,SumH,SUMD,Spektrum1024/2048,XBus,PPM,PWM receiver, no external inverter(built-in)
Programmable LED
Programmable LED support colorful signal light for aircraft heading, racing and night fly
Battery Detection
Battery detection port for voltage and current
High Precision Sonar
High precision sonar can be used when close to the ground
I2C Interface
Uninterruptible power I2C port can be connected to an OLED or external sensor without external batteries.
Buzzer can sound alerts and notifications.

Mad for Multirotor
How to flash firmware
Please go to http://cleanflight.com/ for more help.
More stable and better F3